Programmatic Advertising meets Humanoid Relationships


Melomel is a consulting company that enables online publishers to monetize their traffic with contextually targeted advertising campaigns.

We do this by connecting publishers with buyers. But this connection doesn't occur over coffee and a handshake. It happens online through a variety of automated exchanges using header bidding and advanced computer algorithms. It's called programmatic advertising, and it's the future!


You've got the stellar content. You've got the adoring audiences. Now how do you turn a profit from this delightful situation?

You'll find that the most lucrative option for your website is ad revenue. This is where we come in to help you get connected.

Content Strategy

The amount of genuine traffic to your site is of primary importance to advertisers, but there's even more we can do to increase the amount of ad revenue your site is able to monetize.

Factors like loading speeds, categorization, and placement of content impacts your success. Our tech expertise can help you get properly optimized and upgraded.

Business Development

The buying and selling of ads online is now conducted by a complex web of humans and machines. Transactions are increasingly happening in purely digital marketplaces.

We can help you navigate this complicated landscape. We will connect you with the right ad agencies for your content and negotiate business deals on your behalf with both humans and robots.

Technical Integration

Getting ads to function on a website is often the biggest hurdle for publishers. The code that calls and serves ads is complex and needs to be tailored to each individual site.

Our expertise spans into the technical realm of IAB standards and regulations and we're very proficient with all of the major ad servers in the market.


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Team Work

As you can see from the three shining faces below, we are a small team based out of Gothenburg, Sweden.

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